Getting Your Salesperson's License

New Georgia salesperson licensees must complete a 75-hour salesperson pre-license training program.The Georgia Real Estate Commission requires that new Georgia salesperson licensees complete a 75-hour salesperson pre-license training program.

The Georgia Real Estate Commission requires that prospective salesperson licensees complete a 75-hour salesperson pre-license training program.  There are many organizations in Georgia that offer approved pre-license instruction in a classroom setting and/or online.  A list of approved Schools is available on the Georgia Real Estate Commission website.  The Georgia Institute of Real Estate (GIRE) is one of the local Schools where you can complete either a classroom-based or online pre-license course.  If you choose GIRE’s classroom course (not applicable to the online version), you can receive a $50 tuition discount certificate from Harry Norman, Realtors®.  Should you decide to enroll at GIRE please contact me prior to enrolling at or 404-504-7944, to have the certificate sent to you.  (This discount is a service we provide – it does not obligate you to Harry Norman Realtors® nor guarantee you a position in one of our offices.)

After completing the 75-hour salesperson pre-license course and passing the course exam, you must then register to take the state licensure exam.  A minimum grade of 75 is required to pass both exams.  If you choose your broker affiliation before you take the state exam, you should take your 'Sponsoring Broker' form to the exam center, and once you pass your state exam, you will be automatically licensed with your chosen Broker.  If you have not determined your broker affiliation upon passing the state exam, your license will be held inactive until you activate it with a Broker.

At any time during the process of becoming licensed, you can start contacting various real estate firms you have a potential interest in interviewing with.  It is recommended that you contact several different companies, as there are many different business models and you will need to take some time to determine what will work best for you.

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