Homestead Exemption

Open Door.jpg When Tax Time Rolls Around, There is a Beneficial Exemption
Available to Homeowners in Georgia

The homestead exemption provides the homeowner a reduced taxable property value provided that:

1) The home is occupied by the homeowner on January 1, 2016 and

2) The homeowner applies for the homestead exemption within the county where the property is located.

To be granted homestead exemption, you must file an application with the tax commissioner's office in your county. In some counties the tax assessor's office has been designated to receive applications for the homestead exemption.

Deadlines to File:
The deadline to file for homestead exemption in most Georgia counties is April 1, 2016.

Check with your County Tax Commissioner or Tax Assessor's office to verify the deadline to file for Homestead Exemption within your county.

A homeowner may file an application for homestead exemption for their home and land any time during the calendar year. To receive the homestead exemption for the current tax year, the homeowner must have owned the property on January 1 and filed the homestead application by the same date property tax returns are due in the county.

Homestead exemption amounts vary by county and there are a few notable exceptions to homestead exemption:

•& nbsp;You are not exempt from school taxes levied by municipalities

•& nbsp;You are not exempt from paying interest on and retiring bond debts

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