Weekly Moving Planner
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Weekly Moving Planner


  • Call your moving professional to get a moving estimate based on your expected move date.
  • Tour your home to decide what to move.
  • Establish credit in your new city.
  • Collect personal records Transfer, sell, or resign memberships in clubs or associations.
  • Arrange to close or transfer charge accounts.
  • Arrange for school authorities to transfer your children's school records.
  • Set goals and deadlines if you plan to do your own packing.
  • Separate goods going into storage.
Moving Supplemental Photo
Moving Supplemental Photo


  • Notify post office, utilities, professional services, insurance agencies, business accounts, government and public offices, and magazine subscriptions.
  • Obtain addresses of utility companies in new city.
  • Utilities can sometimes be connected before you arrive.
  • Use up supplies of household items.
  • Inventory what will go to determine the amount of declared valuation.

2–3 Weeks Before Moving

  • Confirm your pack dates with the moving company and supply a destination address and phone numbers.
  • Make family travel plans. Prepare your car for the trip.
  • Have rugs and draperies cleaned. Leave wrapped when they are returned.
  • Set a date for utilities disconnection.
  • Take pets to veterinarian. Most states require health certificates and rabies inoculations.
  • Return library materials and anything borrowed from neighbors and friends.
Moving Supplemental Photo
Moving Supplemental Photo

3 Days Before Moving

  • Prepare valuables such as money, credit cards, collections, etc. to take with you.
  • Pack suitcases. Arrange for a babysitter for moving day, if necessary.
  • Empty the refrigerator so that it dries at least 24 hours before the movers arrive.

1 Day Before Moving

    • Have dishes washed and dried, and unplug all TVs so they are at room temperature when loaded.
    • Check closets, cabinets, and storage areas for overlooked items.
Moving Supplemental Photo
Moving Supplemental Photo


  • Be on hand when movers arrive.
  • Carry jewelry and documents yourself. Plan for transporting pets.
  • Let someone know your route and schedule and serve as a message center.


    • Be on hand to watch the unloading process.
    • Check on service connections.
    • Register to vote.
    • Obtain driver's license and vehicle registration if necessary.
    • Register your children in school.
Moving Supplemental Photo

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