The Role of Art and Décor in Luxury Homes: Elevating Aesthetics and Value

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Michael Habachy, acclaimed interior designer and Owner of Habachy Designs + Atelier, shares his insights on the roles of art and décor in luxury homes.

In the realm of luxury real estate, the significance of art and décor transcends mere ornamentation; they are pivotal in defining the character, ambiance, and even the value of high-end properties. For discerning homeowners and buyers alike, the integration of exquisite art pieces and sophisticated décor is not just a reflection of personal taste but an embodiment of lifestyle, culture, and status. This blog explores the multifaceted role of art and décor in luxury homes, highlighting their impact on aesthetics, personal expression, and property valuation.

Emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between art and design, Michael Habachy with Habachy Designs + Atelier sheds light on their approach of allowing artwork to dictate the ambiance of a room, whether through color palettes, accent pieces, or maintaining a neutral backdrop to accentuate the artwork’s allure. “We actually often take our cue from a piece of art that’s important to our client and will design a whole room around the artwork – not the other way around. Sometimes we may pull color from the art and incorporate it into accents such as area rugs, throw pillows, accessories, etc. Other times we might create a neutral palette in a space with no color at all, so that the art remains the focal point.”

Art as a Statement of Elegance and Heritage

Art plays a central role in luxury homes, serving as a testament to the homeowner’s sophistication, cultural appreciation, and, often, their legacy. Habachy also believes that “when a client invests in quality, built-to-last furniture that is also timeless in style and design, it can be passed down as an heirloom piece for generations to come. In some cases, certain vintage designs and antiques can end up becoming collectibles, increasing in value.” Whether it’s a rare painting, a sculptural piece, or a contemporary installation, art adds depth and character to luxury spaces. Beyond aesthetics, art pieces often carry historical significance and stories that enrich the home’s narrative, making it uniquely distinguished.

Décor as an Extension of Personality and Style

The décor in luxury homes is carefully curated to reflect the homeowner’s personal style and the architectural essence of the property. From bespoke furniture and handcrafted accessories to designer lighting and custom textiles, each element is chosen to harmonize with the overall design theme while enhancing comfort and luxury. High-quality materials, textures, and finishes are paramount, contributing to an environment that is both visually stunning and tactilely inviting.

“I’ve always felt that in order for a home to truly feel warm and inviting, it must reflect the owner’s personality, lifestyle and aesthetic. Just as you can tell a lot about someone by looking at the books on their shelves, you should be able to tell a lot about a family by seeing their art, furnishings and decor. I always strive to make a client’s home feel layered and lived in, showcasing special pieces which look and feel as if they have been collected over the years,” said Habachy.

Creating an Atmosphere of Exclusivity and Luxury

The ambiance of a luxury home is significantly influenced by its art and décor. These elements work together to set a tone of exclusivity and opulence, making the home not just a living space but an immersive experience. Art installations can evoke emotions and provoke thought, while luxurious décor elements promise comfort and indulgence, offering an escape from the mundane.

A luxury trend Habachy and other designers have been embracing is “this marriage between traditional, artisanal craftsmanship and contemporary design. For so long, many companies mass produced their goods in factories, focusing on making things look perfect, shiny and new. But now, there’s a renewed appreciation for pieces that embrace the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi; instead of being perfect, they are ‘perfectly imperfect.’”

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Elevating Property Value

“An art collection is something to treasure and should have prominent placement in the home,” says Habachy. Investing in high-quality art and décor can appreciably elevate the value of a luxury home. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal and desirability of the property, but certain artworks and bespoke décor pieces can also hold or appreciate over time. For potential buyers, the presence of esteemed art collections and designer décor can be a deciding factor, adding to the home’s marketability and investment appeal.

Reflecting Lifestyle and Aspirations

Ultimately, the art and décor in a luxury home are reflections of the homeowner’s lifestyle, aspirations, and achievements. They signify not just wealth but a discerning appreciation for the finer things in life – beauty, craftsmanship, and culture. For many luxury homeowners, their property is a personal gallery, a space that showcases their journey, interests, and the legacy they wish to create.

“On a personal level, my wife and I have pieces that we have collected from our travels around the world,” says Habachy. “Now, when we see these special pieces in our home, it brings us so much happiness. They remind us of the experiences that we had, the people we met, their cultures, and the adventures that we had to find them. I believe that a collected look and feel is an integral part of creating a beautiful interior, and it is what gives a home its true spirit and soul.”

Art and décor are more than just embellishments in the context of luxury homes; they are essential components that enrich the living experience, express individuality, and enhance property value. For those navigating the luxury real estate market, understanding and appreciating the role of art and décor is key to creating spaces that are not only visually captivating but also deeply personal and inherently valuable.

Michael Habachy - Habachy Interiors

Michael Habachy

Habachy Designs + Atelier is a full service interior design firm and showroom founded by acclaimed designer, Michael Habachy. Habachy Designs creates atmospheric and luxurious interiors for a wide range of commercial and residential clients, ensuring every project is exclusive and unique. The Atelier, located in the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC), is celebrating an expansion in April. It features carefully curated collections of art, lighting, furniture and more.

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