Ninja Selling: Work Smarter, Not Harder

“I have always believed mindset has a huge impact on one’s performance and life happiness in general, and the processes Ninja Selling introduced helped me put a real process behind those beliefs and start to shape my everyday life.” 
-Carrie Cala, Ninja Graduate 

At Harry Norman, REALTORS®, we pride ourselves on being the real estate experts in Atlanta and the Greater Georgia area. But more importantly, we value the rich relationships that we have developed within our communities. As REALTORS®, we go beyond helping our clients buy or sell a home. We build upon the philosophy of enriching relationships, listening to the client, and helping them achieve their goals. We are less about transactional selling and more about creating value for people.  

This philosophy is the core of our Ninja Selling training which is offered to all of our REALTORS® twice a year. Ninja Selling is a system that has been developed and tested for over four decades. People love to buy but they hate to be sold. Remember the last time you ran away when you saw a sales associate coming your way or hung up the phone on a telemarketer? Ninja Selling shifts our focus to attracting versus chasing clients by creating value and being their trusted advisor. We do this by presenting solutions rather than going after the sale.  

“I’ve been through many “sales training” classes in my life. However, I have never experienced anything like Ninja Selling Training. This was not a sales training class; this was a life altering class. I feel like I can make a much bigger impact in this world and exceed expectations of each and every person in my life. Education is so important but changing your mindset might just be more important!” 
-Brad Miller, Ninja Graduate 

We just wrapped up our most recent installation where our REALTORS® were taught how to improve the quality of their life and careers by working smarter, not harder. By focusing on increasing net income per hour rather than gross income, our REALTORS® not only add value for their clients but are also able to maintain a work/life balance. Ninja graduates have seen a 20% or more increase in their income by implementing systems with predictable results regardless of market. 

We are proud of our Harry Norman, REALTORS® and the value that they bring to our communities each and every day. It is exciting to watch not only how their business grows after graduating from the Ninja Selling installation but to see how they grow personally. We look forward to the next round of REALTORS® joining this life changing experience. 

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