The Top 15 Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2024

Valerie Garrett, Principal & Lead Designer of Valerie Garrett Interiors, shares her insights on the expected design trends for 2024.

The expansive topic of trends often unfolds with many subtopics. Regardless of prevailing trends, their application must invariably take on a personalized, customized form that seamlessly aligns with the distinct individual preferences and requirements.  

Customizing trends post-sale contributes to a residence’s unique character. Witnessing clients derive joy from a tailored living experience within their new home is a gratifying testament to the meaningful impact of design. Here are some expected design trends in 2024: 

Color Trends 

There is a lot to say on color for 2024.  We will continue to see designs trending out of grays and into browns.  Warm and earthy tones are making a comeback. Colors like terracotta, mustard yellow, sage green, even our neutrals are warmer.  Chartreuse has also made a comeback. 

Dark and moody hues, such as navy blue, deep green, and charcoal gray, are trending as well.  Something I personally love.  These can create such a dramatic and sophisticated atmosphere.  I had fun creating a “Modern Speak Easy” with Sherwin Williams Seal Skin for the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle Holiday Showhouse in December doing just that.


Wallpaper continues to thrive and there are so many different options that are all considered to be “in,” from hand-painted murals in unexpected places such as foyers and stair walls, to bold geometrics, florals, and landscapes, to textures like grass cloth and cork in an array of colors. Metallics are still holding their own. 

Multifunctional Spaces 

As homes become more versatile, there is an increasing demand for multifunctional spaces. Furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as storage beds or convertible dining tables, are popular choices for optimizing space. 

Luxury Kitchens 

When it comes to our kitchens, dynamic range hoods to hoodless ventilation in front of a large, beautiful steel window are equally popular. Sculleries are still one of the hottest trends in new home construction and renovations. Otherwise known as the secondary kitchen, butler’s pantry or in laymen’s terms “the dirty kitchen” where we hide our mess when company is coming. 


In many of the kitchens I design, I prioritize convection steam ovens, which have become a favorite appliance of mine and have even replaced microwaves in some cases. Additionally, there’s a growing trend towards energy-efficient and smart appliances that can be controlled remotely from our phones. 


The timeless elegance of stone and quartz holds its ground, offering diverse options to suit various design preferences.


There are currently so many options in tile, such as marble, porcelain, and geometrics, and they all have their moment! I have also been incorporating larger format tiles like 24 x 48’s that have less grout lines and create a more seamless look.  Subway tiles in an array of colors and textures have not gone away and mosaic tiles are making a comeback. I love to use them as an accent wall rug or floor rug in bathrooms.


From White Oak to French Oak to European Oak, oak finishes remain in the lead with the lighter tones, especially in hardwoods and cabinetry.


There continues to be a strong focus on wellness with with the incorporation of in-home saunas, steam rooms, ice baths, and yoga studios becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Bringing the Outdoors In

The trend of integrating the natural world into our living spaces continues, with design elements like expansive windows and indoor plants helping to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.


There is a growing emphasis on using environmentally friendly materials and practices in interior design. From furniture made with recycled materials to energy-efficient lighting, sustainable design is becoming a top trend.


Designers are moving away from straight lines and embracing curved and organic shapes in furniture and decor. Rounded sofas, flowing patterns, and sculptural elements add visual interest and a sense of movement to spaces.

Vintage and Retro Influences 

Retro styles from the 60s and 70s are making a comeback in interior design. Vintage furniture, bold patterns, and nostalgic decor elements add character and personality to modern spaces.

Texture and Layering 

Incorporating different textures and layering materials is a key trend in interior design. Mixing materials like wood, metal, velvet, and marble adds depth and visual interest to a space.

Statement Ceilings 

Ceilings are now being treated as a fifth wall, with bold colors, patterns, and textures. From wallpaper to exposed beams, attention is being drawn upwards to create an eye-catching focal point.

Valerie Garrett

Valerie Garrett is Principal & Lead Designer of Valerie Garrett & Associates Interior Design, an Atlanta based, full-service interior design firm with global reach and resources. They specialize in whole home remodeling and new construction, specialty kitchen and bath design, as well as design of leading commercial spaces.

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